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Florida is at Great Risk Ahead from Getting Hit by Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma

As per reports from the weather forecast, officials have announced an alarming situation for the United States. On Friday the Hurricane Irma continued to roll towards South Florida that has long feared by everyone. Thousands of people already fled their homes across Florida before they get attacked by the devastating winds of Irma. Weather forecast already reported that Hurricane Irma is of massive size and power that already dilapidated the Caribbean Islands and is rapidly approaching by Sunday for South Florida.

Hurricane Irma already sustained a Category 5 wind of approx 180 miles/hour whilst rapidly passing through the Virgin Island and the Northern Lesser Antilles. The storm that now packed for the second strongest ever noted in the Atlantic Ocean has set towards the Southern Bahamas, and almost by the weekend or before next week will hit the Southeast United States and Florida.

As per latest weather report, it is almost impossible to escape this monstrous Hurricane that will cause a great damage. After information from the computer model post-Friday afternoon, the report says though it is impossible to exactly locate the center of the storm that will move onshore, the Fort Myers, Florida Keys, Naples, and Tampa could have a severe impact.

Now almost it can be assumed that Florida will be facing a great danger ahead but the question is how dangerous that will be? Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, William said this at a news conference on Friday.

Mike Brennan the forecaster of National Hurricane Centre said that there’s still enough time to shift before this massive attack takes place. With such a large storm it is unlikely to ditch the fury of Irma, anywhere in the South of Florida. The National Weather Service ranks risks continually for the extreme storm ahead.

As per latest forecast, the storm headed for west away from the congested coast of Miami but upgraded its intensity. The Hurricane report said that there might be fluctuations in the intensity of the storm till it reaches on Sunday, but Irma is at least expected to stay in Category 4 till the landfall in Florida.

A forecaster of Hurricane center, Eric Blake tweeted on Friday that takes every life precautions possible as this is one of the massive Hurricane storms ever expected.