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Cara Mund, Miss North Dakota Wins the Crown of Miss America 2018

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New winner of America’s most beautiful and eligible woman is Miss North Dakota. Miss North Dakota, Cara Mund is now the face of new Miss America 2018.

It was on a sparkly show on Sunday night, when Miss Cara overcome all the challenges in the category of evening wear, lifestyle and fitness, interview, talent, and onstage questions, and won Miss America by beating 50 other women in these five categories.

Earlier she was the Outstanding Teen of Miss North Dakota pageant, Miss Pre-Teen, Little Miss, and Miss Junior Teen.

In her academic career, Miss North Dakota is a graduate of Brown University and pursued at law school under the Notre Dame University. Miss Mund sees her mother as her biggest role model in life and credits her mother for this on stage.

She is indeed the true winner because not just on stage but in real life also she overcame every defeat when she said that she has been diagnosed 3 times with cancer. This she said whilst the competition was taking place.

She said that her mother was her biggest strength and shared her mother’s advice that we cannot control the cards that we are dealing with but we can surely control our hands.

Not just this, she looks further to Emma Watson for her active steps in women’s right in the United Nation and her industriousness.

In the talent category of the show Miss Cara performed a jazz dance on Michael Jackson’s “the way you make me feel” song.

When asked about her top 10 in her bucket list, Miss North Dakota said she wanted to make it to the top 10, which only three women made it earlier from North Dakota in this competition.

After achieving she said, that no matter from where you belong and come from you can always achieve it if you dream it and want it.