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Nintendo is All Set to Bring Classic Arcade Games to the Nintendo Switch


Nintendo has not yet launched the Virtual Console service of it in its Nintendo switch. But from the Arcade Archives, it brings some classic, original Nintendo arcade video games to the “Nintendo Switch”. Today during the Nintendo Direct presentation this was announced by the publisher of the company.

These titles will be downloadable and will have Switch ports from the arcade games of 1980’s. This is something different from the Virtual Console that offers NES games’ ports. In a news release, Nintendo said that the arcade games contain ultra-fine differences that you probably cannot find in their counterparts of NES. To question some of the arcade games, in fact, have never ever been released before outside Japan, such as; Vs. Clu Clu land.

Surprisingly, these games are being unveiled as a part of the Hamster’s “Arcade Archives” game publisher banner, which underneath also publishes arcade games of various other publishers on Play Station-4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, and X-Box One. To be on the safe side it’s good to predict that the Nintendo games won’t be seen on the other platforms.

This might sound surprising to you that the Nintendo Company, which re-releases many of its own classic games on a daily basis, have never thought of taking a step to port its own arcade software. Back in 2009, Nintendo even established Virtual Console Arcade to Wii, which had games featuring from other publishers without any of its own libraries.

Whatever may be the reason, the good news is arcade games are back now. These games fall into two main categories; games from the V.S. System and the 1980’s made original arcade games by Nintendo, which was “Nintendo Entertainment System hardware” based modular arcade system. VS. system games were based on the games of NES with alterations or upgrades.

The releases seem to bring waves of Nostalgia. Below is the list of Arcade Archive Games Titles that was announced by Nintendo today:

  • Super Mario Bros
  • Mario Bros.
  • Ice Climber.
  • Balloon Fight.
  • Punch Out.
  • Clu Clu Land.

The first of the Arcade Archive game will be Mario Bros that will be out On-Switch on September 27, but the price hasn’t yet been announced.