Home Business Howard, Warren Buffet’s Son Becomes County Sheriff in Illinois

Howard, Warren Buffet’s Son Becomes County Sheriff in Illinois

Howard, Warren Buffet’s Son Becomes County Sheriff in Illinois

The billionaire investor Warren Buffet’s eldest son, Howard Buffet was entitled as sheriff of Macon County on Friday, in central Illinois.

Buffet who is of age 62 now has served the county as undersheriff since 2014 and has completed over 3,300 hours of training and patrol, with an approx amount of 107,000 people. He is also qualified in 76 weapons including handguns, shotguns, rifles, and Tasers.

He will hold the top law enforcement job of the county until a new sheriff gets elected later this year. Thomas Schneider, who has been the sheriff since 2008 and is immediately retiring, was replaced by Buffet.

Thomas Schneider, a Democrat also served as the Macon County Sheriff since 2008 said in a statement in April, he would not go for re-election and was retiring early, which he said on Friday.

In a statement Warren Buffet said; “I look forward to serve our citizens and our Sheriff’s office employees in a broader capacity”.

Dozens of family and friends gathered in when Howard Buffet was being sworn by A.G. Webber, who is the Macon County Judge. He will start off with his duties and responsibilities immediately until the next fall when new sheriff will be elected. It was by Friday afternoon Buffet was sworn as sheriff and that he would instantly start with full-time office duty, said by the officials.

Howard Buffet, who is also expected to become a non-executive chairman of the conglomerate, after his father Warren Buffet, 87, is no longer in change, is also a director at the Berkshire Hathaway. In 1998 he was also elected as the commissioner of the Douglas County Board, in Nebraska.  Earlier he served the boards of the giant companies such as Inc. and ConAgra Foods, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and Archer Daniels midland.

Both the father and son are also great philanthropists. Earlier Howard Buffet has pledged to most of the Berkshire stock that he owns to charity for about $235 million, which is regulatory filing shows. His father Warren Buffet said he supports his son’s recent undertakings, as said in an e-mail.

Warren Buffet also said that he is sure about his son and that he has endless energy, which will not diminish the activity for his activity in the Berkshire Board or the philanthropy.