Home Technology Nintendo’s Two Newest Switch Games Reveal the Crazy Popularity of the Console

Nintendo’s Two Newest Switch Games Reveal the Crazy Popularity of the Console

Nintendo’s Two Newest Switch Games Reveal the Crazy Popularity of the Console

For the Nintendo Switch, Tencent’s “Arena of Valor” and Rockstar’s “L.A. Noire” could mean big thing. Off the Shelves Nintendo’s Switch is flying and two of its newest games for the consoles are the proofs of the Switch’s.

A new massive list of games was announced on a live stream by the Company for the Nintendo Switch, on Wednesday. Soon after the announcement fans dribbled over the A-list new games that were announced.

Pack of two major surprises: – This week a mobile game was announced by Tencent called “Arena of Valor” (a.k.a Honor of Kings) for the Switch. And last week creator of GTA, Rockstar announced “L.A. Noire” for Switch- a model of Free2Play as said by Goyal.

But according to Goyal, who is an analyst at Jefferies, two of the new games precisely point out to the increasing popularity of the newest console of Nintendo.

Each of the two games for the Switch means something different, so let’s go to the details partly.

Tencent’s- Arena of Valor:

Tincent a Chinese based Company, till date has produced mobile and PC games, ignoring the most familiar consoles. “Arena of Valor” is a port of the popular mobile game of the Company by the identical name, but it sets a different example about the Nintendo’s Switch strength.

This could also indicate that the Tencent and Nintendo are planning to bring their games in the respective platforms with each other. This could mean that mobile games of Nintendo could come to China through the platform of Tencent, as stated by Goyal.

Rockstar’s- L.A. Noire:

It was an awakening fact when the creator of the Red Dead Redemption and the GTA, the Rockstar announced the game “L.A. Noire” for the Switch (in integration to XBO and PS4). This indicates that the platform of Nintendo is assumed to be attractive and big enough for a group of third party developers in dedicating resources for developing game resources for Switch, as per Goyal.

Goyal said that Rockstar is a developer of Powerhouse games and shifting to the platform of Switch is of great deal for it.

If Goyal is correct, then nascent mobile strategy of Nintendo will be boosted by Tencent’s mobile prowess, mainly in China.

Despite constraints in supply, the Switch has been the best-selling console globally.