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Can You Unlock the NES Game that’s Concealed behind Every Nintendo Switch?


It was on Saturday when people across the globe finally got to witness the first NES game that’s running on a Nintendo Switch officially. Well, people, those who are into the world of gaming have always found something weird about the Nintendo earlier, but this time it did something out of the box in its history so far.

This time while playing your fingers around the Nintendo Switch, you may come up with something totally different. If you tuck away deep into the Nintendo Switch you may discover an NES game that’s guarding itself sitting just behind it. The operating system of the Nintendo Switch has now the data for an original NES.

This is now the secretive new thing that Nintendo Switch is featuring recently. It has a copy of the classic NES game from 1984 called the “golf”, hiding inside the operating system of the hybrid console, and is completely playable.

There’s already seemingly an emulator within the device, with a long back old game with an upgraded version, whereas the hybrid console’s owners wait for the “Nintendo Switch Virtual Console” launching.

This news arose from a depository of file-system analysis and hacking system for the latest console of Nintendo, known to be the SwitchBrew Org.  Though it’s not a fact of piracy, still the programmers of “homebrew” try to crack the code primarily on gaming machines for installing software that wouldn’t support otherwise. After a great amount of dump of “title” names from system of the file-system, there users invented a “title” named; “flog” in the system in July.

If you notice a bit deep, “flog” is just the reverse of “golf”. AS per poster of “yellows8” that earlier created full of 3D system exploits-Github depository, of his own, this copy of the “Golf” of NES, is sitting behind every console of the Nintendo Switch in the globe, and it’s especially designed for the compatibility of Switch.