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Finally, Gmail Brings the Option to Convert Phone Addresses and Numbers to Links


After years now, today Google finally integrated the feature to automatically recognize phone numbers, addresses, and contacts to the mobile apps (includes inbox as well) and Gmail website. It’s truly biting surprising to believe that till date Google wasn’t having this option.

Gmail is one of the most frequently used email services in the whole wide world and even in 2017 also it wasn’t having this feature added to it. But now finally Google came up with this added feature today. So from now onwards if somebody emails you with an address, you no longer need to copy-paste it on Maps after a view on Inbox or Gmail. An update has been rolled out by Google this time that enables it email apps the ability to turn phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses into hyperlinks. It is surely a great welcoming application that users have wished before, as because most other mailing apps already had made contact details easier. You can directly click on the address to find them on the Google Maps, email addresses to automatically open up your phone numbers and compose windows of the default mailing app for starting a call with the default calling app if you’re on mobile.

Android and iOS already had phone numbers linked for a while now through a function level of OS, but the rest like; inclusion of phone numbers on Web are new to Gmail completely, at least in the native software of Google.

Addresses and phone numbers will be appearing as hyperlinks whether you are using an iOS or Android on mobile or on the web on your computer. Though you will not be able to make calls yet you will be able to launch Google Maps and start with a new email just by a single click on your computer. The feature is now active and may take2-3 days more for complete spread out.