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WW2 Character Teaser Trailers is Out Now: Call of Duty

Call of Duty

The Sledgehammer Games unfolds a series of mini teaser trailers from the forthcoming shooter of Call of Duty for the characters, with details of squad members and major characters.

For those who aren’t that much willing to play Call of Duty; WW2 can be the multiplier content till date. The images of the single-player campaign of the game so far seem incredibly good. Now, the gamers will have a scope to scroll their fingers on the cast of this single-player mode of the game. From the campaign, the new set of teaser trailers has focused on various characters.

This exclusive WW2 game trailer from the Call of Duty no doubt will be a major at a glance for those who are targeting in checking out the game campaign. The first of the bunch aims at the Ronald “Red” Daniels, who will be acting as the leading character of the game campaign. The game of this WW2 of Call of Duty in a way gives an outline idea of a history of a family and tragic background that waits for his homecoming. In a word, WW2 can prove to be interesting in multiple ways.

Whatsoever, it’s not just the solo main character that was mainly focused in this series. Besides Red the trailers of this game also focuses on the best friend Robert Zussman, William Pierson, who is the leader of the squad, Joseph Turner the squad’s lieutenant, and other supporting characters.

Considering so far the campaign for the title looks promising for the fans that dive heads more into the multiplayer part of this game first. On the other a new WW2 story trailer got released yesterday that gives a glimpse of the game, gamers going to be experiencing when it comes out in November. In short, WW2 will take gamers to some of the major war battles that include the Normandy Landings.

Other trailers reveal the zombies. The game seems to succeed in impressing across the board.