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Doom is Running Pretty Smooth on the Switch


One of the most astounding facts is that the Nintendo Switch is simply doing far great than that the Nintendo team might have expected themselves it seems. But it was never known that it will grab the attention of a strong third-party and would also get support from the Bethesda ever imagined. Last week the publisher announced that the portable device will have both the DOOM and the forthcoming Wolfstein II. The “New Colossus” will be having ports for both this year and coming year. Though Wolfstein II has still few more months left to unfold, the DOOM is on the Switch and is looking simply stunning.

This surprise Switch Version of the Doom by the Nintendo has hit the Internet like anything with a lot of stunning first impressions review. Recently at a press event, one of the publications tried their hands on a previous version of Doom on Switch and they seemed to dig it quite without any opposition. As per reports by Polygon, they say it is as smoother as 30 FPS, which is down from PS4 and Xbox One’s 60 frames per second, yet is very much playable. Bethesda was only showing a demo of the game in the handheld mode of the Switch, but it can be played in 720p once the Switch is docked and plugged in to a TV. The Game was doing well with the Pro Controller.

Switch has quite limited GPU and CPU compared to the prime consoles, and precisely PCs. On the other hand whilst a shooter could do just well at 30 FPS, Doom seems to have a specific flow that might get disrupted by it. The visuals of the game aren’t the one that it used to be, it’s remarkably less detailed now, still it’s good. More can only be said around the Christmas when getting to experience further of it.