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Get Ready for Some Incredible Kickoffs: Jaguars in London


At Wembley Stadium when the Jacksonville Jaguars were making their fifth trip to the overseas for meeting the Baltimore Ravens, it was then the NFL returns to London. Surely you are ready to experience some great kickoff.

Here are few things:

  • Out of the gate who wins the race? In its two contests per game, Baltimore has allowed only with 5 points, and if it holds true for two games of tape then t won’t be easy for Jaguars even with their trip to overseas. Therefore there’s seemed a great pressure for Jacksonville as it has been seen in its two games. To have a good shot win it requires an early need. This makes an advantageous situation to force a turnover for positioning Blake Bortles by the Jaguars, where chances to succeed is high and mistakes inflicted damage is less. But on paper, it will be otherwise.
  • In Week 1 Cincinnati was pounded into submission by Baltimore after a way to force the run game and the turnovers. In the second week, Ravens opened up way more to win over the Browns.
  • The Jaguars made a lot of chaos in their 1st week of winning over the Texans. This made them took advantage of the following turnovers in a win of 29-7. The next week they didn’t meet the same success. The NFL is still leaded by the four sacks of Calais Campbell. Jacksonville needs to break through the offensive line of Baltimore.
  • As a team, Baltimore is tied with eight sacks for 5th in the NFL. In the first week in its defense, Leonard Fournette was successfully relied on by Jacksonville.With an opportunistic defense like Suggs, taking off Bortles and winning the pass doesn’t seem to be possible. If in this one, Jaguars want a chance then Fournette needs to let go early.
  • The London Jaguars are a stronghold. In the history of Franchise, the Ravens are making their first trip to London. On Sunday find out the number of Raven fans in England than known?