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WWE Results Show no Clemency – Roman Reigns beats John Cena, Strowman is defeated by Brock Lesnar


It was on Sunday Night 2017, when WWE gave its fans two WrestleMania worthy “no mercy” level of main event. Below are the results of the event.

Elias Vs Apollo Crews:

The crowd on the match was looking forward to Elias, and then there was a mixed reaction in the crowd, more of which came as boos. Before Apollo took control the match was going even and avoided offense of Elias and gave a drop kick.  Elias then hit back by taking Apollo’s legs out beneath him and the turnbuckle was won by him. Apollo charged Elias after he got back into the ring. Elias then hit the drift away for the 3-count out of nowhere.

Roman Reigns Defeats John Cena:

The best match of the night was the Roman Reign vs. John Cena. The crowd was loud whilst the two wrestlers were fighting. Reign knocked out four Attitude Adjustments, one of which included from the middle rope. After this a massive superman punch and a spear brought him the victory. Then after the match Cena raised his hand.

Brock Lesnar Defeats Braun Strowman and retained the WWE Universal Title:

One of the disappointing matches of tonight when Lesnar was cast out of the powerslam. Strowman was given five German sup lexes by Lesnar and he hit F-5 for the pin. The crowd didn’t seem to be ready to see the finish this way.

Sheamus and Cesaro was Defeated by Seth Rolling and Dean Ambrose, Retaining the Raw Tag Title of the Team;

When Cesaro went first into the ring it seemed he lost some teeth. Then Sheamus went and gave Ambrose a Brogue Kick. But then Ambrose moved and Cesaro was kicked by Sheamus accidentally.


  • Brock Lesnar thus retains the Universal Championship.
  • Cruiserweight Championship was robbed by Enzo Amore
  • Alexa Bliss still holds the Raw Women’s Campion.
  • Roman Reign Defeats John Cena
  • Ambrose and Rollins Retains