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Intel Publicizes Its 8th Gen Core i7, i5, i3, Coffee Lake CPUs for Desktops


Back in August Intel had announced its first range of 8th generation core processors for laptops and now lately, it has announced its series of new core processors for desktop PCs all of which have added cores than ever in this latest processors.

The massive shift in Intel’s Core lines of the 8th Generation is that it is increasing the core count over the entire range of 8th generation desktop. The entry level i3 model now has four cores, integrated from two earlier, and the mid-range core i5 now consists six, up from four earlier, and the core i7 chips now come with six cores along with hyper-threading.

These newly announced all of the six processors are based on the “14nm++” “Coffee Lake architecture of Intel. The specifications and details of these six new cores are now widely leaked, and all of them are already available on the list of pre-order in the websites of India. On 5th October they will go as boxed retail units on sale. Though, the branded PCs that will be featuring these new processors in them will come later in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Intel stated that these new chips are 32 percent faster compared to its earlier generation, and 65% faster than a 3 years old desktop when it comes to content creation or video editing. Intel is calling its top end i7-8700K the best gaming chip ever.

The enhancement in the line of 8th generation will not come cheap. The retail price isn’t finalized yet but it is expected to be something around $30-$50 more for a comparable chip of 8th generation than 7th generation. With this in the range of generation change, you will have to invest in a new motherboard that’s built off new Z370 chipset for actually using the 8th gen chip.

Last month there was another surprise revelation that followed was Intel announced the 8th gen CPUs for laptops will have a variant architecture called the “Kaby Lake” Refresh.