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Google is Establishing a Smart Screen That Will Challenge the Rivalry Amazon’s Echo Show


News from various sources has it to Tech Crunch that Google will be coming up with a tabletop “smart screen” for ongoing video calling and much more that will give neck to neck competition with the Echo Show of Amazon. Soon after Amazon came with the new slew of Echos, this smart screen device could help Google to keep up the race of smart home market, besides Amazon as long Facebook keeps continuing to work on its code name on video calling screen called “Aloha”.

According to two confirmed sources to Tech crunch, it says that previously Google was working on products having larger screens competing with full sized televisions, but lately it’s more focused on the “Manhattan” device, which is internally code named by Google. It will have a similar screen size of 7 inch to that of the Echo Show. One of the sources received this information from an employee of the Google directly. Both these confirmed sources say that the device will be offering Google Assistant, video calling, Google photos, and YouTube. Further this device will also be acting as smart hub capable of controlling various other smart home devices and Nest.

The original target date for launching this was in the middle of 2018, but due to this Echo Show there arose an internal pressure of getting it launched by this year only. Though it seems it will end up getting released in 2018 as it’s already the end of 2017 almost. It is because there are loads of other facts such as establishing moving parts of partnerships of smart hub, and apart from that exploring the service possibility of partnerships with the Best Buy Squad of Geek and to enjoy Home Installation.

Sources also say that will also run a version of Android for enabling the third parties to create any App for it. The price of the device is yet to be exactly known.