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Google Making Attempts to Improve Security for High End Users

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In an attempt to improvise the security tools for esteemed users, as per reports from Bloomberg, Google has come up with a more physical approach in lieu of the existing two-factor authentication or 2FA as it is popularly known.
Such drastic measures are being undertaken in order to protect high-profile users such as politicians, corporate executives and other influential individuals who tend to possess important information in their accounts.
This special service to be called Advanced Protection Program is expected to go on the floors next month and will be available for services like Gmail and Google Drive.
Advanced Protection Program involves using a physical USB stick which has to be kept plugged in while accessing the aforementioned services and also restricting third-party applications which could connect to a user’s Google account.
This would restrain or rather make it difficult for hackers to remotely access a user’s account.
Google became active in chalking out a plan after the 2016 hack of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account which was touted a result of a phishing attack having links with the Russian Government.
The existing two-factor authentication involved having two layers of information, something you possess (mobile number or some hardware token) and something that you know (password or pin).
Now, it would be interesting to see how many high-end users prefer to use the Advanced Protection Program as some might refrain from using it considering it is complicated to setup. According to Bloomberg, Google has ensured that this program would not affect the standard users and has been formulated for users having political prominence.