Excitement, Nostalgia and Mixed Emotions at the Same Time at Wisconsin Town

    Wisconsin Town

    On Wednesday when the Foxconn Technology Group had announced the plan of its massive display-green plant that will transform Racine, and a plan of employing on a campus of 1.56 sq. miles of up to 13,000 people, the residents of the south-east Wisconsin town had mixed feelings. It is a matter of great excitement as this step will boost the economy but also a moment of nostalgia as it will change the landscape of the community.

    Foxconn made an announcement of the location for its factory setup after several months’ negotiations with the company and also the village of Mount Pleasant located in the country of Racine. The company stated that it has a scheme of building a campus for office space with approx 20 million sq. feet of over 1.56 sq. miles. Eventually, this will employ as much as 13,000 people for manufacturing liquid-crystals display screen, which is utilized on computers, phones, televisions, and various other devices.

    Tammy Graceffa who is 54 and owns the Hiawatha Bar and Grills, that’s situated just south of the expected location of the plant, said that her possible purchase of the land and influx of the workers could bring her gains financially, but yet it was a bittersweet moment for her.

    Her nostalgic comments-“Where we grew up and were raised will no longer be farm fields”. She added more by saying it will turn into concrete and an industry. Then one just can’t go back and say it’s the road where they used to play ball.

    On the other side a trustee of a village in the town of Sturtevant said that it’s good as it’s going to upgrade the economy there that’s been dragging a bit in Racine.

    The Legislature of Wisconsin approved an incentive package of $3 billion for Foxconn. This purposive industrial complex is believed to be the largest in that state.

    Further Rosebaum said that he understands the fact that some landowners those aren’t happy with the fact, hopes Foxconn will make sure that they get a fair deal for this.