Home Technology Instant Messenger AOL to be called off this December

Instant Messenger AOL to be called off this December


The chat program called the AOL Instant messenger that opened doors for a generation to connect with their crushes and classmates whilst guiding them of digital socializing of earlier days, is now coming to an end soon. It is shutting down on Dec 15 that its parent company declared on Friday.

The program that was first released in 1977, had largely dwindled into insignificance over the past decade, got replaced by Twitter, Facebook, Google chat, and text messages, Snap Chat, Instagram, and the list continues of such similar new messaging app.  But at its peak, highly known as AIM, to young adults and the teens, it served mostly as a social center. It was a space of tenderly crafted memories and the place where people learned to interact online.

In a statement on Friday, the Vice President of communications product at the parent company of AIM, the Oath, Michael Albers, said in a statement: AIM pierced into the new sphere of digital technologies and kindled a cultural shift, but the medium through we communicate with one n=another has profoundly shifted.

The news of its official end was met with the emotions of nostalgia, particularly from those who were soulfully connected with the AIM era. For many individuals who are in their 30s and 20s now, learning to interact online clashed in learning to talk like an adult, as said by a writer and editor of New York, Caroline Moss, 29, who contributed a tribute to AIM for years with the Parody account of Twitter @YourAwayMessage.

For the young generation; scared of inviting your crush on a homecoming? You might gather courage through AIM to make it a success.

This chat program was a medium of overcoming a problem for the anxiety and typical clumsiness of adolescence. The one who was too shy to open up to the boys now connected fluently through AIM for hours after going home.

There are a lot number of people who had created many milestone moments through AIM, as stated by Ms. Moss, who was highly known by the screen name “sparklegirl27”.

And then came away with the profiles and messages. Those were as significant as picking just the exact song lyrics, or the buttons on the backpack, and so on.