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Officially Windows Phone is Now High and Dry

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A mere presumption that was highly expected for quite a few months has now finally come to an end, after Joe Belfiore of Microsoft tweeted about the official end of Windows phone, during this weekend. As per his statement, Microsoft will no longer develop any new phones or features/hardware to the Windows phone. Only the existing phones will support security updates and bug fixes but it will have no further features or apps in it. Currently, his platform is under maintenance.

It is no longer a matter of secret that the Windows phones are not doing a good business in the market. Though for some time the company showed a concern that Microsoft mobiles were doing well in the market regardless such issue. It was in 2016 when the Microsoft Company introduced new builds for the insider program of Windows and had integrated new features to the Windows mobiles. This year in April during the time of release of Windows 10 Creators Update, that development ground to a halt largely. Windows Smartphones that already faced the scarcity of particular features, and were delivered to Windows on the PC had its expansion split.

PC Windows’s development kept continuing on the branch of “Redstone 3” that will peak in the launch of the Fall Creators Update, later this month, the Windows phone weakened on a branch name called the “feature 2”. Despite this till at the weekend when Belfiore tweets, Microsoft never said what it was actually planning for Windows Smartphones and how where or where the development would proceed.

In respond to other question Belfiore explained that Microsoft never really overcame the hurdle it was facing with the incentives of the apps, with having too poor user volume for justifying the improvements from the developers of apps. Later in 2017 it came with almost extinction to this platform, which is not a surprise anymore. The sale of Windows mobiles have collapsed tremendously over the last year. The annual sales of Windows mobiles numbered in the tens out of millions over the last two three years, which now came to zero.

As for fans of this platform along with Jelfiiore- his statement; is admitting that what we’ve long suspected but avoided is now here.