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Intel Generates a New Super Conducting 17-qubit Chip for Quantum Computing

IBM 16 qubit Processor

A wide step Intel takes towards working an actual quantum computer. This quantum computing is a great level of revolution in the field of technology ahead, and it will soon be here before you might think. This past May IBM unfolded its own quantum processor. As a substrate of quantum computing, scientists have been working with silicon laced diamonds, on the other hand for technology, Microsoft already in the path of creating a new “coding language”, and Google is already looking for the solutions of cloud-based.

Now here towards the Quantum computing reality, Intel has taken a giant step; the company builds a superconducting new 17-qubit chip, with the help of manufacturing techniques and advanced material science. The company just handed it to its partner in this sphere, in the QuTech in Netherlands. Though in the actual computing applications or power it’s not a vital advancement, those are still at its very basic stage, yet it’s a step taken towards production systems, which can be delivered and ordered to spec, instead of the experimental ones that lies somewhere inside the physic lab.

Its bit whimsical of Intel on celebrating this chip, as 17 isn’t any magic number in the world of quantum, nor it performs any special kind of trick that other quantum generated computing systems can’t. Intel is just joyous about the fact that its undeniable expertise, and history in manufacturing and fabricating chips and architectures is succeeding in a new way in the phase of computing.

About this new system, Jim Clarke, director of Intel, said; “We’re relying on our expertise in hardcore engineering, we’re working on all parts of the compute stack: the chip, the control electronics, the system architecture, the algorithm.”

It is not like any new Core processor that seems to pop every year, yet there a lot overlap. Clarke said- that the manufactures of the company allow it to adopt the package and the material. He further said; “If you think of a material that might be good for a qubit chip, Intel likely already has a mature process for that material or at least experience with it.”

Intel is expertise in fabricating, controlling electronics, and that it has a long way to go to quantum computing from neuromorphic.