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Now Play the Classics on Xbox One: Microsoft

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Microsoft is looking to get back the classics on Xbox One. The company made a surprise announcement at the recent 2017 E3 show. Microsoft will feature the backward compatibility that will allow users to play classic games which first came onboard with Xbox One. Though the company denied sharing any more details but it is expected that the planned feature will come sometime later this year. The games from Xbox 360 have been available on Xbox One for last few years thanks to the backward compatibility feature. However some gamers have disputed the importance of backward compatibility, Microsoft claims that players have been highly engaged with backward compatibility game titles.

According to Phil Spencer of Xbox, the company is really close and enthusiastic about the new upcoming feature. He met with the media at the recent Brazil Game Show. For now, gamers will enjoy two games featuring on the dashboard, these will be High Road to Revenge and Fuzion Frenzy. The company is, however, looking to add than a dozen titles very soon. Some of the popular games from the past that will soon feature include, Crimson Skies and much more. The games were tested last month on Xbox One. Fusion Frenzy was identical to the original game but the company is looking to make some new improvements for users. Spencer also mentioned some specific features but denied to make any detailed comments on the compatibility feature.

According to Spencer, Microsoft is working on compatibility specific features that gamers will find very interesting. But he also added that nothing could be said now as the things are just taking shape. The backward compatibility will be seen very soon on the Xbox One dashboard however no date has been specified yet. The Xbox One is just around the corner and is expected to be launched somewhere in the first week of November. The price of the console has been kept at $499.