Google Seeks Revenue Alliance with News Publishers


    Google’s latest move isn’t any joke when it said it wants to share revenue with the news publishers. This step by Google in reportedly sharing revenues with news could save the fortune of the News Industry.

    It urges to make amends with the with news outlets that are subscription-based. Richard Gingras, the search giant’s news head, told the Financial Times that the plan is in sharing revenues with the publishers of news those who take an advantage of its tool of new subscription. Unlikely to its ad system, it would utilize its huge collection of user data and know-how machine learning in order to find active renewing and new subscribers, and take a crop from sales with those people in action. In contrary to ads, though, Google wouldn’t grab upto 30 percent of the money, the terms of it will be more generous importantly, as said by Gingras.

    It’s transparent that Google isn’t willing to declare all the final details, and there’s also no surety of the fact that every publisher will surrender to the terms. Whatsoever, it is apparent that Google has travelled a long way from the days of feuding with the publishers, accusing in profiting off with nothing in return with their work. Earlier it downplayed articles that were locked behind the pay-walls of subscription unless there was free access offered b the publishers after agreeing to minimum of three articles each day. This is to make them give up the potential revenue just to stay relevant in search outcomes. And now it’s dropping its hard-and-fast rule to favour profit with someone who decides that the subscription of the story is worth it.

    The agreement is also rejected by the exec that Google is trying to snatch some control from the publishers in the vein of new subscription service by Facebook that uses instant articles running on its own site. Gingras also said; “We don’t want to own the customer”.

    The situation may not run as smooth as it seems, for now, Google said. Though, it’s of true fact that Google won’t be having that level control like Facebook, but it will still have substantial sway. After all for the publications, this initiative by Google may help in achieving good subscription rank.