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Pocket Camp for Smartphones: Nintendo Brings Animal Crossing Game

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Recently during a Direct presentation project, Nintendo has announced a first-ever mobile game called the “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” that will be launching late this November. Pre-registration for this pocket camp game is available in both the platforms of Android and iOS.

In this pocket, camp players are able to manage their own campsite. They can build up and personalize both their campsite and character, which they can furnish with a variety of furniture and buildings. But unlike the Happy Home Designer and the New Leaf this game is currently not launching in the 3D platform. This time it made its way through your iPhone and android devices and is free of cost for playing staples like; micro transactions and countdown timers just as may expect.

In this Animal Crossing game you build your own camp from scratch rather than developing a town. There are some little changes made in the settings part, yet the elements and the ever so loving franchise is still there for which it’s known for; Isabelle is still there to guide you through your journey, along with the four legged living beings that’s on your camp.

You can visit other camps and make friends with group of other players and raise your “friendship level”, and can also build new facilities. One of the familiar facilities integrated lately is the fishing and players can use net for fishing in their camp. In order to build playground or a pool you will have to search for crafting items and wait till all of them are finished. Now, this how Nintendo intends to make money from this game; as to speed up the game and all the construction facilities you can purchase those items , with help from Tom Nook by playing the leaf tickets that you can buy using your real cash from inside the game.

Though, Nintendo yet didn’t specify the launch date of the “Pocket Camp”, but you can pre-register it on their website and get advanced notification as soon as the game is out in the market. However, it doesn’t seem that the game will be out everywhere but still Nintendo says it has a plan in bringing it to more locations in near future.