Amazon Wants to Peek in To Your House for Dropping off Packages when you’re Out: Is it Crossing Lines?


    When speaking of the term “think out of the box”, there are few who are taking this thing beyond and one such recent example that’s popping up in the news is that the retail giant Amazon is thinking of delivering your packages even when you’re not at home. Now, would you allow any stranger to step inside your house for dropping off the boxes?

    It is after news on Wednesday when Amazon said that it will launch a service called the “Amazon Key” that allows the customer to “grant home access to the people they trust”, which will launch soon enough by next month.

    In an online press release Amazon also said; “Schedule permanent access for your family members or give temporary access to recurring visitors like dog walkers, house cleaners, or out-of-town guests. You’ll be notified any time your guest locks or unlocks your door.” Is Amazon taking convenience bit too far? Some of the customers think so after listening to Amazon’s “Amazon key” news.

    Though, Amazon guarantees security through a special system that enables a complete control over the capability of home-accessing by the customer. So next time no worries when you’re away from home and want your parcel to get delivered on the said date. The tech company of Seattle-based said that the feature will have a use of camera and a Wi-Fi connected to the door lock for safe and secured delivery of home packages.

    This deliver of in-home also reflects the strategy to bring more customers to Amazon and they feel so convenient in shopping that they wouldn’t think of shopping elsewhere.

    When the delivery man shows up for the drop off first they will knock the door and package will be scanned. Amazon will make sure about the choosing the right home and unlocking it. No keys or codes are required only the camera will record the in-home delivery details.

    Customers those are willing to use this service, need to be the “Prime Members” of Amazon, and need to have lock with Wi-Fi connection to the Seattle based company and a camera.