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WhatsApp Integrates the Artistry – Unsend Messages


The highly whole world popular messaging app “WhatsApp”, which Facebook earned for $19 billion in the year 2014 on February, is now dropping off the option to “unsend” messages by chance if you face a typo situation. This updated version of the app will be seen in the platform of iOS, Android, and also Windows version. Messages can now be deleted both in group chats and individually but yes there are certain limitations to this.

With this capability of “unsend” message option while you send a message that’s done by mistake and delete it, the recipient of the message will see it as “This message was deleted”. This means that the receiver of the message will know that a message was sent to him/her but will not be able to see what was written. This “unsend” feature goes for attachments like; videos, photos, GIFs, photos, voice messages, etc.

To use this “unsend” option in messages on Whatsapp you just have to push down on it within the conversation and from the menu select on the trash icon. Then you have to choose the “delete for everyone” for recalling the message. Once you tap on this option, the message will get deleted both from your device and also from the recipient’s chat box. One great thing to mention here is you can “unsend” multiple such messages. But for this “unsend” to work you will have to perform the delete action within 7 minutes after being sent.

Another short come of this “unsend” feature to be active is both the receiver and the sender need to have the latest version of the WhatsApp app installed on their devices. In a FAQ it’s warned by WhatsApp that the recipients may see your message if it was not deleted on time or the delete was unsuccessful means recipient can view the message before it’s deleted. “You will not be notified if deleting for everyone was not successful”, as per FAQ page.

Over the past few months WhatsApp has been testing on this feature of “unsend” that seems to roll out gradually now.