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United Airlines Set Afloat the Nonstop World’s Longest Flight from U.S.

United Airlines

On Friday, United Airlines launched the world’s longest and nonstop flight from the United States, which is a 14,001kilometer journey (8.700 miles) from Los Angeles and Singapore. The almost 18 hour’s long flight will depart from Los Angeles around local time 9:25 pm and will be landing on Sunday at 6:20 pm local time in Singapore.

The United Airlines took a step ahead to a comparatively big stride in the sphere of longest air route, just during the time when Elon Musk thinks of replacing flights with rockets. It was first announced just a few months ago and was approved later this week by regulators.

The world’s longest airplane so far takes the Los-Angeles Singapore route of United State’s San-Francisco-Singapore as the lengthiest non-stop flight to or from U.S. Both the once-daily route are been operated with the Dreamliner Boeing 787-9 aircraft that posses the capacity of 250 passengers.

The inaugural service was set off on 29th October. In 2013, the Singapore Airline or “SIA” stopped the trans-pacific non-stop flights to Los-Angeles, after it decided to retire the A340-500s four-engine airbus. At the same time from Singapore to New York it halted non-stop transacted airplanes. Though this both the destinations are still served with stopovers.

With the deployment of the United a 787-9 and SIA with an A350-900, the 13,600 km long San Francisco-Singapore route is already been served by both the carriers once daily.

SIA has been disclosing plan in resuming to serve the New York and Los-Angeles in 2018 that too non-stop. This happened when it took its delivery of its ultra long-range variant first A350-900 ULR of the next-gen aircraft. SIA also plans in configuring that aircraft with 68 seats in Business class and 94 seats in Premium Economy.

Before United States the longest flight route record was held by the Qantas, a long flight to or from the Unites States with an 8,500 mile strip between Sydney and Dallas. However, the LAX air-bird is the longest one that’s been ever operated by the airline of U.S., and as per USA Today it could be one of the longest times in flying that’s held by a global airline.


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