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Apple Could Come with Other Source Ahead: Finding Ways to Ditch Qualcomm


The Wall Street Journal reports, by next year iPads and iPhones could sport components from another source. Apple may be looking ways to completely ditch Qualcomm from its devices.

Apple that’s tied in a vicious battle with Qualcomm over patents issue and licensing fees is framing iPhone and iPads for the upcoming year that may drop the components of the chipmaker. On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported this. Instead the Company is looking forward in getting its modern chip from Intel and most probably MediaTek, as per sources stated in the newspapers.

Since Jan these two companies have been engaged in fighting over patents, when the Apple filed a suit against the Qualcomm for a rough $1 billion, claiming that the wireless chipmaker hasn’t given fair terms for licensing for its technology. It is willing to pay lower amount for using Qualcomm technology within its device.

Qualcomm, which is the biggest provider in the world for mobile chips, gave response by suing Apple for infringement in patent and urging banning on sales of iPhones. The company prolongs that no advanced handset including Apple would be possible to happen without cellular technologies.

To leading phone makers like Apple, Samsung, etc. Qualcomm is the key component suppliers. Its products are high-end among them, fast modems and without any one of them absent in your device, you would be unable to open and check those FB notifications frequently, place online order any time on the go, or hail an Uber.

The California giant Cupertino makes its own applications processors which are the brains of the iPhone, but it banks on third party chips for connectivity in networks. Since 2011, the supplier of iPhone 4s chips has been Qualcomm. Back previous year almost 59% of Smartphone modems came from Qualcomm that’s followed by MediaTek of China at 23%, as per Research and Markets.

But for now both the companies; Qaulcomm and Apple aren’t responding to any comments. Apple’s upcoming models could have ne chip from Intel. Last fall, Apple even started off with some modem chips from Intel for its CDMA handsets.


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