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Nintendo Switch Users Favours Handheld Over Docked Use


New statistics reveal that majority of Nintendo Switch owners aren’t letting go off Switch docked. This concept played well when Nintendo first introduced the hybrid design of the Nintendo Switch, but came with mixed results. Some praised the concept of the company while others didn’t as some thought it could be undocked and brought around as a portable console, and also worried about the lack of power within devices and smartphones.

However, Nintendo did suggest that both consoles will be existing side-by-side, stating that Switch console is its heart. But as per latest six-month financial report, it disclosed the fact most of the Switch gamers prefer Switch in handheld mode instead of docked. The report reveals that only 20% prefers the docked mode while 30% prefers it in the handheld mode. The remaining percentile seems to enjoy it in both the modes. This does make a statement that despite the insistence of the Nintendo Switch starts being a home console; gamers are appreciating and preferring the ease of portability in handheld mode.

When the handheld mode was replaced by the smart devices many thought would it even take the Switch out of the dock mode. As it seems people prefer it that way. This yet doesn’t mean that Switch will seem to replace the 3DS anytime soon, but rather with this desired mode of gaming, indeed it’s something that Nintendo and also developers would like to take interest into in capturing the attraction of more new gamers.

With this style of game-play, in addition Nintendo also disclosed the ages of the buyers. And surprisingly a large number of buyers include mostly teenagers and of 20s, and early 30s. Along with this it’s also doing well in the sales with 10 and also with people on their 30s.

So, it seems after years of failing Nintendo is now killing it again with the Switch console and are more talked about than PS4 or Xbox. Nonetheless, with such mixed interesting facts Nintendo will consider it carefully when coming with new Switch hardware in the near future.


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