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Razer Unfolds its New 120-hertz Display Smartphone for Gamers

Razer Phone

Five years back in 2012, a game-centric technology based Company in Singapore-Razer when first unveiled its range of laptops, many thought that the company was destined to fail in the market. But five years later and with a trio of laptop devices, the company Razer is back with a bang. This company now is taking the same challenge to prove people wrong and landed into the field of smartphones with its all new gaming Smartphone.

In an auction for following gamers wherever they play, Razer has finally unfolded its gaming smartphones for game lover. The new Gaming Smartphone that features super-fast display and runs games very smoothly debuts November 17 at an approximate $699 price. It will be first seen in the Razer stores in the U.S. and some of the European countries for now. One can get their hands on this phone on the carrier Three exclusively and for that one can also get an iPhone 8 with a memory of 64 GB.

The phone brings the game-centric of Razer focused in bringing handheld devices with the first ever 120 Hz screen for Smartphones, known Ultramotion and with a quality sound system provided by inbuilt sweet sounding speakers that one ever experienced in a Smartphone. The 5.72’’ inch screen has LCD display with a resolution of 1,4440p by 2.560 pixels, also called as 2k resolution. Primarily it is designed or a landscape usage.

The product marketing manager at Razer, Eric Lin also said; “There is still room in the phone space to be innovative, despite how mature it is. If you look at when Razer entered industries, like desktops or laptops or consoles, it was when that platform was considered viable as a serious gaming platform. We are now at this stage in mobile”. He said this in an interview with the GamesBeat.

Lin also added that titles like; Honour of Kings, Hearths Stone, and Vainglory are also in demand of titles that are attracting hardcore gaming audiences.

Lin stated; “if you are looking at a web page, we can ramp down the power, but if you start scrolling, we ramp up the performance. This really comes in handy with gaming.”