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Apple to Hire from Indian Colleges for the First Time


Apple, one of the most innovative companies present today, have decided to hire techies from Indian colleges for the first time. Apple has declared that its revenue in India has doubled this year with respect to that of previous one which could be one of the reasons for Apple to hire Indian techies in form of a campus drive.

It is said that the whole process will start from IIIT H i.e. International Institute of Information and Technology, Hyderabad which will be the first college to be a part of Apple’s campus drive, although we are yet to know the roles that are being offered by the company to the students. The campus personnels however, states that there is a huge demand for specialization in subjects like AI (Artificial intelligence), deep learning skills and automation.

With 350 students from B. Tech, M. Tech and M. Sc, who has applied in the placement process that will be starting in December, the college has also lined up companies like Google, phillips and Microsoft, among the biggies, to take part in the process.

It is said that Apple will be hiring for its facilities in Hyderabad and Bangalore. IIIT H states that the students on their campus who have knowledge specific to skills like 2D 3D graphics, circuit integration which are application specific are likely to get placed first when the season is in full swing.

The college is also heard stating that their campus is one of the most sought after in India when it comes to hiring in the technology as well as the products industry. They have had a record placement season last year where the average salaries are stated to be INR 17.7 lpa and 18.8 lpa for M. Tech and B. Tech students respectively.

Tim Cook stated that their revenue in India has doubled and their iPad sales have gone up by 39%, but the government is yet to negotiate about the tax incentive when it comes to manufacturing. The present manufacturing unit is yet to scale up.