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Google Search Tool: Comparison of two smart phones now made easier!

Google Search Tool

This time of the year has some really big launches around the corner when it comes to smartphones and potential buyers all over the world are doing the most probable thing; trying to find relevant comparisons between their choices on Google! However, the little problem that arises here is that, once you type in a search on Google, you might not always get the required information as the top search result. But it seems that Google has come up with a solution for this too. As reported by Android Police, over the last couple of days, there has been a new search tool that Google has introduced and it can actually prevent the user from spending too much time searching for the right information.

On the Google search tool, if the user wants to compare the features of any two smartphones, all that has to be done is that the names of the smartphone models have to be written with a ‘vs’ in between the names. The primary result will automatically display a comparison chart, comparing all relevant features and the prices, with other necessary details. All other results will follow the chart. This is far more convenient as all websites do not show the correct details, and more often than not you will end up at a page that displays very less facts and more irrelevant assumptions. With so many new launches in the market for technology, the amount of potential customers is increasing rapidly and this new tool will yield search rests faster and is an easier manner. The comparison chart is very accurate and shows the very necessary details about both phones, effectively helping you finalize your choice, according to the features available.

Since it has just been a few days, not everyone will be able to get the comparison chart all at once. But it might require some testing, trying out with a couple of smartphones, or maybe updating the Google app.  Even though the chart is not as detailed and comprehensive as legitimate websites dealing with gadgets, it does over a precise comparison between two smartphones and that is quite convenient for most users.


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