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Snapchat Redesigning Work is in the Process in Between Ad Sales and Weak User Growth


Prolonged ongoing complaints about the video chatting app Snapchat is nothing new and is confusing at the same time.

On Tuesday, Snapchat Inc. ceded the must change.

On Tuesday, Evan Spiegel, the Chief Executive and co-founder of Snapchat said that; Snap will be redesigning its app for video-messaging to make it more acceptable among wider group of users, after it reeled from the third quarter lacklustre of his company of ad sales and user growth.

The forthcoming new design strikes a major change for this Venice Company that had supplicated investors of being patient as advertisers got carried away by its hip and young aesthetic and its novel offerings. But, since from the time Snapchat went public in the largest ever IPO of Southern California, the company encountered hurdles in showing that it too can grow its business in the competitive field with the Whatsapp and Instagram of Facebook. The outcome on Tuesday ignited a 20% plunge in the shares of Snapchat in the after-hours trading.

An analyst of GBH Insights, Daniel Ives said; that for them it was like throwing into the white towel and it was of clear fact that it’s a strategic change. He says that he views it a sign that they saw in the mirror, then realizing it wasn’t working and so this result speaks. He thus now somewhat appreciates the fact that they have realized it finally and took a step ahead for the change before it turns out too late for them.

The revamp of the app will have one feature popular to users of the services of other social media; a timeline that’s algorithmic instead chronological. Spiegel said that the company would go for personalization in the Stories feed of users by gripping on the tremendous advantage of machine learning.

Spiegel also warned that the redesigning will be groundbreaking to the business of the company for a short period and that the fact was unknown of how would be accepted by the core users of Snapchat.

This overhaul of the Snapchat app could prompt that the company is following a path outburst by its bitter competitor Facebook that transformed into a platform for all ages.


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