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Airbus is trading off 430 Planes for $49.5 Billion to Indigo Partners of the U.S. Firm


On Wednesday Airbus signed a deal of $49.5 billion of selling 430 airplanes to a private equity firm that’s Phoenix-based, which owns Frontier Airlines, bashing the biggest deal of the European aerospace company ever at the Air Show in Dubai.
The agreement with the Indigo Partners will be seeing 157 A321neos split up and 273 A320neos among Frontier of Denver-based, Volaris of Mexico, JetSMART of Chile, and Wizz Air of Hungary, all of which are an ultra-low- cost airlines associated with the Indigo.
On Sunday a surprise revelation comes after airbus had suffered an embarrassment of believing that it had a hit a grand deal with the carrier Emirates that’s state-owned in selling its Double Decker A380 jumbo jet, to just see Boeing resting on the platform with the airline and signing a deal of $15.1 billion.
On this the sales Chief John Leahy made a mocking comment saying that it’s not a press conference of A380. Just to clarify.
The A320neos been listed for $108.4 million one piece A321neos at a price of $127 million. Manufacturers and Airlines come in negotiation of lower prices for grand deals such as these, something that the managing partner of Indigo Bill Franke was quick to think of after speaking to the journalists.
He said that they are hoping and their target is to sell aircrafts at its best and their objective is to buy airplanes at best possible price. He said that he knows Mr. Leahy and that sometimes either of the one wins. When Franke was asked whether he won he commented that it will be a good question.
The earlier biggest sale of Airbus came at the time when it sold 250 A320neos to the Indian budget Airline Indigo back in August 2015, a deal that’s estimated worth was $26 billion as per list prices.
The Indigo Partners and Indigo firms are separate concerns with separate management. At present Emirates solely resides on the Boeing 777 and the Airbus 380 for its flights, making it the largest operator for both of them. Today it bags 165 fleet of Boeing 777 and took an ownership of its 100 th A380 previously this month.


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