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Once Again Google Becomes the Default Web Searcher in Firefox as Mozilla Turns Down the Deal with Yahoo

Mozilla Firefox- Google Default

In the recent years Mozilla has made its most significant update ever in its browser with the launch of the Firefox Quantum. The new browser is much lighter, faster and one must give it a try to
experience the change. Those using the new version will also come across another shift in it, and that’s Google is the default search engine of it again, probably for those atleast who are living in
Taiwan, U.S., Hong Kong, and Canada.
Early in 2014 Mozilla banged a deal with Yahoo for making it the default provider of search engine for all the users residing in the U.S., along with Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo, and others as side
options. Despite being a small change it had turned a lot number of users against the Mozilla Firefox as it never always felt like Mozilla had something best in mind for the interests of its users’. Firefox
Quantum or aka the Firefox 57 is thus the new step of the company towards making an effort of correcting its mistake, and thus it’s relaxing to see that Google is back to seat as its default search
When Mozilla announced the deal between it and Yahoo back in 2014, it mentioned that it was a five year deal. So, for sure it is not five years yet and therefore when Mozilla was asked about it for
some transparent information, this is what it had to say.
The Legal officer and Chief Business officer of Mozilla, Denelle Dixon said on behalf of Mozilla; that they have practised their contractual right in terminating their agreement with the Yahoo, that’s
based on multiple factors including the act of doing something that’s good for their own brand. They are making the effort to provide its users a quality search engine and broader experience of
contents. They also believe that there are opportunities ahead with Verizon outside of the search. He also added; that as a part of key attention on user experience and the performance in the Firefox
Quantum, Google will be its new search provider for the countries of U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Firefox now has more search providers than any other web browser.


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