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Including Raid Lairs, Destiny 2 First Imparts the Details of Curse of Osiris

Destiny 2

Almost 10,000 viewers took to flutter for a stream of Destiny 2 DLC this afternoon, in order to prove that the game still has grip. Among the three streams it’s the first where Bungie will be detailing the entire bunch of information of the first mini-expansion to the Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris.

This was astoundingly a lengthy stream, having mentioned that there two more to come, and its main attention is on the story/characters of the DLC, along with mercury itself and few more other new activities are getting introduced. Since it’s a lengthy one and consumes a great decent amount of time, and if you’re not willing to spend that much time then here are some highlights of it.


As the name goes, the Curse of Osiris will for sure be focusing on Osiris, a banished Warlock who constructively led the Vanguard before he was been boot out. He was crucially the old Zavala. He is into investigation of the plans and Vex, and at the end of D2 it turns out the gush of light from the Traveller, which was the spark that was necessary to put Vex into something like emotion. An interesting timeline follows as DLC will be releasing few months after the launch of original game.


Almost a fair amount of Mercury that you get to get to see this time o the new patrol zone, which only had a glimpse in the Crucible maps and the Lighthouse earlier. Since the encounters are hand-designed and so the Infinite Forest operationally not generated. Bungie says that it will be changing often when you re-run the same missions with variant other objectives and enemies. Otherwise on Mercury there only seemed one public event designed particularly for the zone.

Raid Lairs:

Something illusionary is here whether it’s “Raid Lairs” or “Raid Layers” as there was integration of new layers on top the existing raid, though in fact it’s “lairs”. The team almost seem wobbling about how they think of making more raid but shorter.

It almost looks that Curse of Osiris is not entirely getting new raid such as; End of Crota in The Dark Below.


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