Home News New Galaxy S9 Leak Discloses Launch Date of Samsung

New Galaxy S9 Leak Discloses Launch Date of Samsung


While the Christmas season knocking soon and 2107 is almost on its way to bid good bye, planning has already begun for 2018 as per the late Power Presentations that shows the launching series of smartphones. And in this plan ahead one of the key smart devices that will be seen is the Galaxy S9 of the flagship of Samsung. This launch will be ruling the headlines of the digital press media. Though Samsung can launch its product whenever it wants, yet there seem some indications that speak Samsung will bounce back to its default schedule for launching the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

The launch is expected to happen at one of the main press conferences, at the Mobile World Congress of the year that’s tipped to take place February 26 till March 1st, in Barcelona. Samsung has inclined to hold its press conference of its launch on the Sunday beforehand, thus Galaxy fans must keep their Sunday afternoon that’s 25th of Feb totally free.

Now this reflects that the Galaxy S9 launch will made it early than this year’s launch of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. But do keep in mind the fact that these Galaxy handsets were stopped just before the production began to permit the South Korean Company to get on the peak of battery problems in the provocative Galaxy Note 7. This dragged backward the public release and the launch into March and then April. If you take a look back at the launch of the Galaxy s6 and Galaxy S7 then you’ll see it took place in the key position ahead of the MWC.

Thus seeing these cases it means that the tentatively named Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus devices are a come back to the Samsung’s status quo, with the release and launch six months after the earlier Galaxy Note 8, and assumable six months before the Galaxy Note 9.

It’s also going to narrow down the window of Samsung as its going to push out the folding Smartphone of Galaxy X for a limited edition release in the South Korea. The only grand event that lies between the MWC and now is the CES.


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