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New Rules Proposed to Grow, Sale and Transport Marijuana in California


On Thursday the officials of California proposed new rules for the transporting, growing, and selling of Marijuana when the state starts to issue licenses during January, and the industry officials stated that the hefty fees and regulations are a mixed bag.

The regulations that are subjected to public hearings before they get finalised, do not restrict the size of cannabis farms, but demand every plant to be stalked from farm to sale. Security will be needed within farms, pot shops, and trucks and that cannabis can’t be spotted towards minors.

The fees of license applications for sellers and others will be annually $1,000, but there are additional license fees also of $4,000 upto $72,000 that are been charged to retailers based on the amount of selling done.

Integration of fees includes testing firms, which ranges from $20,000 to $90,000, while there’s also an additional charge for distribution licenses that ranges from $1,200 to $125,000 that depends on the amount of moved products.

President of the California Growers Association, Hezekiah Allen said; that the industry is divergent and so matter may be decided there will come problems. These regulations will be disrupting a robust and mature marketplace. They are hopeful that there will be minimization in the disruption and the existing community of the business will have the time they require in transition to their business and operations.

The new regulations permit the Bureau of Cannabis Control in issuing temporary 120 days license to growers and sellers those have permission from their county or city. Gradually licenses will be issued along to those who pass background checks.

For medical use a seller of marijuana must get an M-license, and for recreational use the seller of pot must get an A-license. On the other hand both sellers can get both the license and operate within same facility.

The rules also demand child-resistant packaging, ban marketing to minors and also need Marijuana to touch limits on the content of THC.

However, period of transition will be set from 1st of Jan to 1st of July of 2018.


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