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Path of Exile Comes with New Expansion: Releasing this December

Path of Exile

For the game lovers of Path of Exile, which is an online free-to-play game, it’s time for them for some extra amusement. The action RPG and also the winner of the PC game of the year for 2013 is continuing to grow strong after the expansion of the Fall of Oriath earlier this year, and now there’s another expansion on its way; that’s Called War for the Atlas. This time the focus is mainly on expanding the experience of end-game for long awaiting players. Earlier this week the developers of the gamed stopped by the GameSpot office to display a quick review of some of the new features and areas that you’ll get to see in the expansion.

The developer of Grinding Gear Games, managing director of the Path of Exile, Chris Wilson narrated; that this expansion will have a lot of new content for the existing players, and that’s because it’s it particular slant. Whatsoever the content that does affect the low-level layers are of four new skilled gems, and all of the four skill-gems that were added are necromancy-themed, but are designed so one can utilize them on other characters nicely. They don’t particularly need to be used by summoners.

Integration to it there will be also six more new supportive gems that Wilson clarifies as designed changeable to how almost all skills in the game works. This particular thing provides stuff for new player and also helps to build more customization to experience. Here’s a quick look at the things in the expansion:

  • All new 50 items
  • New randomized 32 maps in the end-game
  • New equipments in the end-game; elder items and shaped items
  • A story that you can choose to fight against either with the shaper or the elder forces
  • The Abyss challenge league

On 8th December “The War for the Atlas” is stepping on PC and Xbox and alike the other contents of the path of Exile it’s all free to play. For the European players who have waited to play it in their regional language, well this expansion is introducing French, German, and Spanish to the game.


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