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Pokemon Go Announces its Thanks-Giving Event with an Outwardly Impractical Goal: The Travel and Global Catch Event

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has always been a much hyped and gripping game for its players since its release. Well as Thanksgiving season is ahead Pokemon Go is surely something for its fans and finally it has unveiled the Thanksgiving Event.  But after coming to know about the vent it’s surely not what was expected by the players.

For 2017 player were awaiting for the announcement of the Niantic for their event of Thanksgiving. While it will be happening over the holiday, it is not directly linked to the holiday. Pokemon Go is going for a “Travel and Global Catch Event” instead that was just announced today. A number of gaming personalities, and You-Tubers were seemingly taken by them, and was flown to Japan, where they will forecast some videos that are related to this event. It tasks the players with apparently tough almost non-achievable goal like; within a week one has to catch 3 billion Pokemon Go.

When each milestone will be covered it will unlock various prizes for the event. The breakdown that’s there are;

  • 5 B catches – 2x Stardust and 2x XP and 6 hours lure
  • 500 M catches- 2x XP and 6 hours lure
  • 3B catches- 2x Stardust2x XP and 6 hours lure, 48 local East Asia Window for Kangaskhan spawns, and 48nglobal window for Farfetch’d spawn.

Now here come the catch for the goal: Needless to say Pokemon Go is a huge game with over 750 million downloads. Though now the game has way less active gamers to play and so 3 billion almost seems impossible without active participation of the entire players. This means that 1% players are still dedicated and are targeting the goal.

This “global goal” will always make you feel like a drop in a bucket. No matter how much Pokemon you catch there’s no such guarantee that some other player is also doing the same. So if this goal is missed no doubt Niantic will hit the numbers. If there’s any single good news here that’s the Niantic, which rang some further announcements.


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