Tesla now Brings Power-Bank for iOS and Android, Worth $45

    Tesla Battery

    On Friday, the automatic electronic car maker company Tesla now launched a power bank into the platform of iPhones and Android phones with a pricing of $45. The new power-bank by Tesla features Apple lightning port, micro USB, and USB ports. Probably you wouldn’t go for any power bank in that price if it wasn’t coming from Tesla.

    This device uses an 18650 single cell with charging capacity of 3,350 mAh that’s also seen in its Model X and S electronic cars, reported by Engadget.com on Saturday. The company did make sure that it absolutely looks a product from Tesla.

    The new Power-bank from Tesla looks alike like the power-bank of Intex IT-PB 2.5k, and also different other portable chargers that are portable as well. The device is designed in a cylindrical shape and its dimensions measure 108 x 30.5 x 23.3 mm.

    According to listing of Tesla website, the power-bank features integrated USB, detachable micro USB and Apple lightning, charge status indicator, and high productivity circuitry for maximum battery capacity.

    This new power-bank was designed after the Supercharger monument was designed by Tesla Studio, and wouldn’t be looking out of place within one of the cars of the EV-maker, according to Engadget.com.

    As for now, who all re looking forward to get their hands on the new Tesla’s power-bank, there’s no chance having one, as on the company’s website the portable battery is been listed as sold out. You’ll just have to wait for the next batch release when Elon Musk thinks so. Here one thing is worth noting that Tesla also proposes a Supercharger for desktop that comes along with USB port for charging in any device that’s compatible. The Supercharger for the desktop also costs $45.

    The launch session of the new power-bank by Tesla comes immediately after Tesla had announced new semi-truck and a Roadster. The semi-truck by Tesla will be seen in four variant electric motors that are independent, regenerative system in braking, and can accelerate upto 60 miles/hour in 5 seconds, means 100 kilometres. The truck has a mile range of 500.


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