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Inadvertently Confirmed Making of Galaxy X Comes into News by Samsung


Samsung and Apple always had a cold war between them and Samsung always came with something every time Apple made its move on any new creations. This time too it’s not staying back and its target or dream you can say is to beat the iPhones of Apple. It is because of this the development codename of the Galaxy S8 was “dream”. However, no device from Galaxy Note or Galaxy S could attract the mind of the buyers like that of its rival iPhone, no matter how bad it tried.

But this Korean giant isn’t stepping back and is all ready to wrapt its sleeve up, brings a Smartphone unlike any other so far including iPhone. It is known as the Galaxy X but surely not for any such reason you might be thinking about. Like if you give a thought that Galaxy X is copying the naming theme style of the iPhone X, then that’s totally incorrect. Just when the rumours were out for iPhone 8 as the iPhone X it was that the moniker was thrown back of the Galaxy X.

Just because you see that the Galaxy is the first ever bendable Smartphone from Samsung, a device that’s so intricate and may be seen as a limited edition launch before Samsung makes it en-masse.

At the tech trade shows Samsung kept making demo of foldable devices for years, but never was ready for launching any. Here don’t even try to think of the Galaxy Round as the one.

But in the future ahead Galaxy X may be seen is being shipped to the consumers at some point, and Samsung superficially made confirmation about its existence. On the website of Samsung a support page went up for the handset of SM-G888N0, as spotted by the MobielKopen- the Dutch-language site.

One compelling fact here is that no leaks have yet been seen apart from the confirmation detail of the existence and certifications of Galaxy X, whereas, it’s seen that all the Samsung phones get leaked before its release because there’s no such keeping any secret for Samsung’s gadgets.


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