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Apple Gained Start-up of Augmented Reality Headset for $30 Million

Apple acquires AR headset company

While Apple reportedly ramps up in shipping an augmented reality headset in the year 2020, by acquiring an establishment from Montreal, Canada that can help it in getting there. TechCrunch now knows that Apple has earned Vrvana-builder of the Totem headset that had ecstatic reviews but never was shipped. The agreement was for around $30 million, as told to TechCrunch by two sources.

When Apple was been contacted it declined to comment, though the company didn’t deny this story. As per request made Vrvana too dint respond in comments. The acquisition news was confirmed by some close sources to the deal. The deal is important because of the rumours and reports about the interest in AR hardware of Apple, and the company has always been very secretive and tight-packed for its products of the future. The acquisition is indeed the transparent indicator of all that the company is yet hoping to develop.

At the start-up in California, a number of employees have joined Apple. Currently, the Vrvana site is still active, but it has made stops in the updates on social accounts and also on news from the month of August this year.

Thus there’s no clear fact about the existing products of Vrvana, or any product roadmap of its current business-It has worked with Tesla, Audi, Valve, and other under the NDA and will be making its way to Apple.

The only product that Vrvana displays on its site is the Totem headset that’s not yet released. It’s an extended “reality device” that uses key technologies from both the virtual reality and AR in order to allow both the experiences on a single headset device.

The hitched device consisted of a form factor similar to that of many headsets of today’s AR but relied exclusively on many pass-through forward-facing cameras in replicating the outside world on its OLED displays within the headset.

As of now, Apple has been really complex about the state of AR and VR hardware in today’s market, and in this game, it has made it’s handless significant than it really seems.


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