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OnePlus Won’t be Compatible with OS Updates Feature of Android Oreo

OnePlus Won’t be Compatible with OS Updates Feature of Android Oreo

Yesterday OnePlus in its forum confirmed that any of its current devices including the 5/5T and the 3/3T won’t be supporting the Project Treble, even after updating them to the updated Android Oreo. Project Treble is a feature of Android Oreo that aims to address the slow update schedules of Android by letting manufacturers in pushing out the most recent OS of Google and without making any wait on their chip partner, such as Qualcomm in supporting it.

During the time of the announcement of Project Treble, it appeared that any device that’s been updated to Oreo would be eligible in supporting the program and that the builders would seem to be much interested in it. However, now it’s clear that even the devices that are running on the latest OS need not support the project, which means that even if your phone manufacturer you an Oreo, there’s no guarantee that you will be having a quick update to the next OS. Only the devices that ship with the Android Oreo unusually installed will be needed to feature Project Treble, and, downheartedly, the latest phone of OnePlus, the 5T, ships with the Android Nougat.

Whatsoever, the first generation phone of Google, the Pixel phone still support Project Treble, and the Essential phone is making an attempt for supporting the feature, even with those phones that were first shipped with the Android Nougat? So, it’s a clear fact now that integrating support is possible. Though the fact that after several months of release after the Oreo, the case is still rare.

Certainly, it’s nothing surprising that OnePlus wouldn’t be supporting Treble, with given fact that it doesn’t have any problem with the shipping of new phones with operating systems out of date. But, yes it would be good to see the company committing to support the goal of Google of faster updates, thus by making the whole ecosystem of Android more advanced and consistent.


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