Facebook Messenger is Experimenting a Feature Similar to Snap-Chat Streak

    Facebook Messenger

    When you’re talking about “streaks” but not understanding much then go ask any youngsters and you’ll instantly know what are addressing to. That’s the number of individuals they have been snap-chatting to and from for days back-to back.

    You’ll come to know from them that it’s actually very gripping. So, it’s here now, Facebook also now wants its participation on this race.

    On Wednesday, Facebook made a confirmation to the Mashable about the fact that it’s working and testing on a feature that’s just like “streaks”, in its Messenger. Whereas in SnapChat it uses counter and Emoji for letting you know the stretch of your message that’s going on.

    A representative of Facebook Messenger told to Mashable that for instance, a lightning bolt may be seen next to the name of the individual you’ve messaged for atleast three days at a stretch, and the counter will be indicating the number of consecutive days that you’ve spent chatting.

    @Case Sandberg, a Twitter user was the only witnessing this feature and has reported about it. He said that it’s just a testing feature and that not everyone will get it now. Not everything is working for now and if the response isn’t good enough from the users then Facebook may not launch it on its messenger. Only time will let you know whether you’ll be having a “streak” feature on Facebook Messenger.

    Facebook streak is a sort of a game encouraging people in sending more messages to one another for consecutive days. If you keep the streak up then you will just be awarded with status of an Emoji.

    Though when made request Facebook didn’t immediately gave any response to the Thanksgiving Request for comment and confirmation. This is just the latest happening of Facebook seen following Snapchat feature. Facebook-owned; Instagram has raised everything starting from filters to Stories to even those ephemeral posts. The social media now has been taking ideas from Snap-Chat and trying to imply them. The idea of stories, certain features of camera, various funny face filters, and few others. And now it’s likely to work and bring the “streaks” idea of Snap-chat.


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