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The Pokemon Go Developer Just raised $200 million for Building other AR Games


Niantic the maker of the hyped game “Pokemon Go” just raised an approximate amount of $200 million and wants to fund it to prepare the release of another heightened reality game that’s based on the highly popular “Harry potter”.

The new round of financing was first reported by The Wall Street Journal and was led by Spark Capital, on Friday. Megan Quinn, the spark partner will be joining the board of Niantic as a part of the deal. Niantic CEO John Hanke and Quinn worked together at the Google before Niantic was whirled out by Hanke from the search giant and transformed into an autonomous company in late 2015.

In a tweet on Friday, Quinn wrote that they believe John Hanke and the team are into building an unconvincingly important company at the meeting point of the real world and AR location.

Executive from grad companies like the Facebook and Apple have ascribed “Pokemon Go” as the first ever mainstream game to build the popularity of the augmented real world, the nascent technology which many believes within the tech industry one day will be replacing phones by veneering virtual objects into the realistic world.

Till date the fund raised by Niantic is $33 million roughly. Te game developer turned gold when the “Pokemon Go” was the quickest moving mobile game that reached $1 billion revenue early back this year. Lately the Company revealed that its upcoming game will be based on the famous series “Harry Potter”, which will have similar augmented reality objects just like “Pokemon Go”. So only time can tell how much popularity the next game brings that will be made the “Pokemon Go” maker.


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