Home News A Secret Santa Fills over $10,000 for Paying Off Layaway Orders

A Secret Santa Fills over $10,000 for Paying Off Layaway Orders

A Secret Santa Fills over $10,000 for Paying Off Layaway Orders

In New Jersey this year a secret Santa has paid off over $10,000 for making sure that this Christmas season wishes of children come true.

Secret Santa who has been spotted as Charlie K did something out of the box this time beside his year ending shopping. He entered the Toys “R” of US and this morning of Black Friday and said that he would be paying off for the layaway orders. Then he ended up with a total of 62 layaway orders that worth $10,780.

On this note he said that he is just trying to bring some joy to people and its nothing more than that. It’s just a help in bringing back the community, which brought him and his family great happiness.

After seeing this one recipient rushed to the store hearing about the “layaway angel” and for her grandchildren she then seven presents whose total worth was $200 that was paid off. At this Dawson, the recipient said that she thanks him very much for this thought and she also thanks God for him.

Later, another recipient Jessica Keywas ready in spending full amount for a box of toys that she kept aside. Then she was said that the layaway was actually paid away by someone, which wasn’t known to her. Then she said it’s definitely an early Christmas present and she wants to thank the gentlemen for this kind and happy act of donating for the children. It feels like one of the best feelings.

As the layaway orders didn’t pay off all the orders, Charlie K. the secret Santa didn’t stop here. He then spent another $2,000 asking the ones in the store to choose and pick up any three toys for him for him to buy and in donating for the Toys to the Tots.

To this he said that he did this just because the community brought him that much luxury in doing so. Thus he and this community together are trying to do something in return.


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