Home Business Black Friday Shoves Net worth of Jeff Bezos to $100 billion

Black Friday Shoves Net worth of Jeff Bezos to $100 billion

Black Friday Shoves Net worth of Jeff Bezos to $100 billion

CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man though now that doesn’t seem to be enough. It’s after Black Friday when the shares of Amazon jumped that dragged his net worth to $100.3 billion, as per Bloomberg. This year stock of Amazon has drifted and that led benefit to Jeff Bezos to the strain of $32.6 billion. In fact yes, this is the amount earned by him alone this year of 2017.

So now what is he going to do with all the money? He wanted suggestions to this. After this summer, he tweeted on twitter seeking ideas for it. Bezos said that he wants the philanthropic activity of his in helping people right now here and also in the short-term urgency at the intersection and create a lasting impact. He also said that he is motivated and is very much moved by the work done at Seattle in the Mary’s place and so he wants to do something now.  He also added saying that if anyone feels his approach is wrong then also he would to like to know about it.

It isn’t the first time when someone achieved the profound 12-figure milestone. Back in 1999, Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft hit the radar. Since, Gates started with “The Giving Pledge”, beside the investor Warren Buffet, making a promise giving away half of his fortune to charitable ventures. He has launched the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” that aims in reducing poverty worldwide.

Last month Bezos took over Gates in becoming the world’s richest person. At present, Buffest is said to be the third richest person having net worth of $78.9 billion.

Amazon has its stock climbing this year as it keeps convincing its investors that it will be carving out even much grand lead in the field of e-commerce. Already the company witnessed success in some of the hardware devices by it like the assistant “Alexa”.

On the other hand Amazon has also seen growth in its cloud service businesses additionally. AWS or the Amazon Web Services is making new stake in a series of other verticals. One of them is the bet on groceries along with purchase of Whole Foods, back this year.


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