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Devices for fixing your 32GB and 16GB iPhone Storage Distress

Devices for fixing your 32GB and 16GB iPhone Storage Distress

The largest range if iPhones from Apple have truly took a leap in the amount of storage volume on its various devices, proposing welcome reassurance for users.

But if you’re still struggling with the 32GB iPhone 7, or the 16GB iPhone 6 storage spaces, surely you’ll understand the annoyance while opening the camera app and your device pooping the alert that the storage is full for taking a photo.

But like android phone Apple phones don’t give you the access for a microSD card for increasing storage space. Thus if you’re one who is dealing with deleting the old pictures or podcast episodes for freeing up space so that you can finally install some new app on your device, then there’s a better way now.

Out there are a bunch of microSD external devices that feed the storage-yearning iPhone owners. If you wish to deposit videos and photos, or carry around a huge library of movies and music on your iOS device, card readers that can be plugged into the lightning port of your iPhone device could be the way for you.

For instance, the 1TB MyPassport WesternDigital Wireless is found online for about $200 or slightly more. Its size is like a small square book and can be connected to your iOS devices leading an access to your external Medias. You can also look for the iAcess leef microSD card reader for iOS that will cost you around $65 online and is said to be the cheapest form of extending memory. These might not be the cheapest solution but surely cheaper than buying a whole new iPhone with greater storage capacity that will cost you much higher.

Apple also sells portable drives that act as conventional hard drive with a PC or a MAC and have in-built Wi-Fi so that you can transfer files from your iPad or iPhone. Other than that there’s one more way if these external devices are a headache for you, that’s the trick of using the cloud storage via Optimize iPhone Storage setting of Apple for boosting up the available space on your iOS device.


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