Finally after a Sustained Wait, Microsoft Can be seen on Chromebook

    Finally after a Sustained Wait, Microsoft Can be seen on Chromebook

    The fact that seemed to be next to unexplained is that Microsoft Suite is now accessible with all the Chromebook of Google having an access to the Google Play Store as well. If you’re yet aware with this fact then find out here. Microsoft launched an Office Mobile for Android and iOS, back in 2013. Then later in 2016 Google came up with a support for Android apps to the OS of Chrome. Users of Chromebook thought that the mobile version of the Office will be compatible with all the devices of Chrome OS but they were not correct.

    But now over a year of prolonged wait, last Wednesday “Chrome Unboxed” ha reported without any explanation or warning that the Officer Suite of the Android apps is abruptly working on almost every existing Chrome OS devices.

    Roby Payne of “Chrome Unboxed” states that they have checked almost all the Chrome OS devices, and confirms the fact that it shows up on every app of Office in the Play Store that’s ready to download. But yes at this point they don’t have any exhaustive list about it but they have checked the Samsung Chromebook Pro, Acer Chromebook 15, Pixel book and can confirm the fact that all these devices are showing Microsoft Office in their Play Store.

    Perhaps it seems that one fine Microsoft and Google can be seen giving an explanation as why it took such a long time forgetting the Office apps to work on the Chrome OS devices. But for now it’s a good news for the Microsoft fans those can access owning the Chrome OS device. They are now eligible to use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint on their personal computers.


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