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Global Catch Secret Grand Challenge of Pokemon Go is the Release of a Ho-Oh Raid

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Just before the Thanksgiving season when Pokemon Go announced its global grand secret challenge there seemed a lot of mixed feedback. There were rewards after unlocking each level. But after the revelation this is what users feel. This grand global challenge has some serious challenges to be played and then come the reward for it after succeeding each level. The recently released reward was some bonuses and a region-locked bird. This very much seemed to be overwhelming to users after almost billion catches. Users think its fine but not at all worthy of the three billion catches made for unlocking the level.

It turned out that this whole time Niantic had something going on their sleeve. Lately they have announced that Legendary Gen 1/2 era final will be released for the next two weeks in normal raids. For a while the absence of Ho-Oh has been bit detectable. The release of Three Legendary beasts, four other legendary birds, and Mewto has been seen. But ho-Oh was left out along with the Celeby, Mythic, and Mew.

There were several theories made when ho-oh would be arriving as Niantic integrated art for him by tweaking the stats backside the scenes. One of them was showing up when the Legendary Beast would arrive, another was that he would be the centerpiece during the Thanksgiving event.

There wasn’t any thanksgiving vent but the Global Catch Challenge. But then maybe he was the centerpiece of all and same as the “grand prize’’ offered for the 3 billion catches. Many thought that Ho-Oh would be locked for exclusive raids such as the Mewtwo. Surely that was the case but this time definitely it’s the right call made as topping on the Catch Challenge.

It is believed that the raids of Ho-Oh will be starting from tomorrow and will continue till 12th December. Thus you’ll be getting adequate chances for catching him. And to guess may be the Gen 3 launch is right after that, leaving one to wonder when the Mythic will be arriving, along with a completely new bunch of Legendary in the new Generation.


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