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By the End of Next Year Verizon Claims in having 5G Service in 5 Cities


Though the exact detail is yet to come out, Verizon is no matter getting nearer in releasing its first 5G commercial network, along with it the company made announcement today that it plans in launching 5G network services in three to five cities atleast by the end of the next year. The start-up begins with the Sacramento, in California around second half of 2018.

As of now there isn’t much information beyond the general launch window and the location. Verizon is not even commenting on things like; what technology it will be using or what speeds to expect from it. So for now nothing can be firmly stated as if yet is this something like the fake “AT&T5G evolution” network, which have seen the company to repurpose existing technology from the LTE-Advanced Pro and the LTE-Advanced standards taking the name of higher speeds, or even an actual, or real deployment of 5G technology from the actual standard of 5G NR.

Though in its press release Verizon does states that the roll out is based on the confidence in new technology of the company powered by millimetre-web spectrum that do lend some ray of hope of the real McCoy. As a first City for the Verizon, Sacramento does makes sense, though having stated that it was one of the 11 cities, in which the company had started with the initial test of 5G back earlier this year. Details on the other candidates of four cities, along with extended information on the initial roll out of Sacramento are to come at a later date.  Though it seems a bit peculiar choice to start, considering Sacramento is a dignified-sized city, but it has sense.

However, there are adequate e=reasons to look forward to the 5G network services, like new avenues for industrial purpose, quicker data connections, and even helping in building smart widely-connected cities. There should also be considerable increase in the bandwidth that will be enabling 5G networks in handing far more concurrent connections than those of 4G.


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