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Wickr, the Encrypted Messaging App used by Uber may Lay Legal Precedents


After so many rumours and legal cases, here comes something new from the ride-hailing company. Uber’s top executives have made use of the encrypted chat app called the “Wickr” forholding secret conversations, which the former and current workers testified this week in the court, setting up as what might be the first key legal test of the problems that’s raise by the usage of encrypted apps within companies.

This Tuesday and Wednesday the revelations about the substantial use of Wickr inside the Uber turned the high-stake legal face-off with Waymo unit of Alphabet that accuses this Uber ride-hailing firm of pilfering its car secrets for self-driving.

Apps such as Snapchat, Telegram, Signal, Wickr, and Confide propose security measures and anonymity, along with features that include passwords for message to open, and deletion of all copies of messages automatically, after a few while.

The lawyer at the Hunton & Williams; Timothy Heaphy, says that there’s nothing immanently unlawful in informing employees to use disappearing messaging apps. He is also the former U.S. Attorney in Virginia.

However, companies seem to have commitment for preserving records that may seem much relevant to litigation or the one that fall under rules of data retention those are set by the industry regulators. The situation in Uber, the chat logs that could be helpful getting to the bottom of the secrets of trade are now not accessible. Over the alleged theft Uber also faces a legal criminal investigation.

Though the fact is unclear as Uber usually started using Wickr, but the company stated that in last year’s October it started paying off for a business that gave it the access to preserve messages for as much as 1 long year rather than six days limit.

Chief executive of forensics software, Andy Wilson said that it is already very common for companies for searching usage of the apps that are encrypted or even deleted messages when they conduct internal investigations.

Wilson also said that it is a great win for customers because it reveals all ill-intent as on the part of the investigation.


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